30 Best Dive Bars in Texas [2023 Update]


Texas is the place to be for the best dive bars around! These hidden gems offer a unique experience to everyone. From Houston to the small towns, there’s no shortage of bars. They have mismatched chairs, dim lighting and old memorabilia on the walls. The bartenders are super welcoming and the jukebox plays classic rock, country and local songs.

One dive bar in Austin stands out. Rumor has it famous musicians used to play gigs here before they were famous. Some locals claim they saw these artists creating music that would reach millions. It’s more than cheap drinks – these bars contain a piece of Texas culture.

Criteria for selecting the best dive bars in Texas

Dive bars in Texas are renowned for their unique atmospheres and delicious drinks. To find the best ones, you must look for three criteria: authentic atmosphere, quality beverages at fair prices, and unique characteristics.

Authentic atmosphere is key! From vintage decor to dim lighting, these bars will take you back in time.

Quality drinks at fair prices are also a must. Signature cocktails and classic beers should all be available, with great value for money.

Finally, unique features and history are what set the best dive bars apart. Seek out hidden entrances, secret menus, live music and theme nights for an unforgettable experience.

For extra knowledge, don’t forget to chat to locals and regulars, they’ll have the insider tips you need to find the hidden gems!

The history and popularity of dive bars in Texas

Dive bars in Texas have a special charm, drawing locals and tourists alike. They provide solace from modern establishments. Patrons come to these humble walls for camaraderie.

The interiors are weathered and vintage. Walls are adorned with memorabilia, like taking a step back in time. Simplicity reigns supreme!

For an authentic Texan experience, explore these dive bars. “The Hole in the Wall” in Austin has live music and a friendly atmosphere. It offers a true taste of Austin’s vibrant culture.

In Houston, visit “Shoeshine Charley’s Big Top Lounge”. It’s eccentric, with circus-themed décor and lively entertainment. The drinks are strong and the ambiance is quirky.

Finally, “The White Horse” in Austin has a honky-tonk vibe. Dance to traditional country tunes and embrace the Texan spirit.

These dive bars offer more than drinks – they’re a timeless experience. Step into one and be captivated by their magic!

         Here Are The 30 Best Drive Bar In Texas

30 Best dive bars in Texas

Texas has some of the best dive bars around. You’ll find a relaxed vibe and lots of drinks. Here are the top 30!

No. Dive Bar Location Specialty/Unique Aspect
1 The White Horse Austin Honky-tonk atmosphere with live country music
2 The Broken Spoke Austin Legendary Texas dance hall and live country tunes
3 Deep Ellum Dallas Artsy neighborhood known for its vibrant street murals and eclectic venues
4 Lakewood Landing Dallas Known for its jukebox and late-night corn dogs
5 Lola’s Saloon Fort Worth Live music and spacious patio
6 The Chat Room Fort Worth Eclectic crowd and pool tables
7 La Tuna Icehouse San Antonio Outdoor seating and a wide variety of craft beers
8 The Bang Bang Bar San Antonio 60s-style bar with vinyl nights
9 Poison Girl Houston Known for its pinball machines and eclectic decorations
10 Warren’s Inn Houston Historic dive with stiff drinks
11 The Chuggin’ Monk Arlington Friendly environment with multiple TV screens
12 The Tap Bar and Restaurant El Paso Diverse music scene and friendly atmosphere
13 Caves Lounge Arlington Outdoor patio and range of beers
14 Lee Harvey’s Dallas Dog-friendly, outdoor fire pits
15 Lala’s Little Nugget Austin Christmas-themed dive bar
16 The Liberty Austin Beer garden with live music and food trucks
17 Adair’s Saloon Dallas Burger joint with a rustic feel
18 The Office Lubbock Casual setting with pool tables
19 The Continental Club Houston Iconic music venue featuring rock, country, and swing
20 Lowbrow Houston Art-forward space with a chill atmosphere
21 Double Wide Bar Dallas Trailer-themed bar with unique cocktails
22 Dixie Chicken College Station Iconic college bar known for its “Bottle Cap Alley”
23 The Old Quarter Acoustic Café Galveston Historic music venue hosting live performances
24 The Raven Tower Houston Elevated bar with panoramic views
25 Love Buzz El Paso Vintage arcade games and spacious patio
26 The Esquire Tavern San Antonio Longest wood bar top in Texas with river views
27 Mean Eyed Cat Austin Johnny Cash-themed bar
28 Notsuoh Houston Eclectic artsy bar with live performances
29 Shoeshine Charley’s Big Top Lounge Houston Circus-themed bar with a laid-back vibe
30 Gruene Hall New Braunfels Texas’ oldest dance hall with historic charm


These bars offer something special. They have a timeless feel, taking you back in time. Plus, locals and tourists alike love them. They’re cultural landmarks that show off the culture & nightlife of Texas. If you’re in the area be sure to pay one (or several) of these dive bars a visit. They won’t disappoint!


The exploration of 30 dive bars in Texas is complete! The Lone Star State has an awesome selection of amazing watering holes. From hidden gems in cities to rustic spots off the beaten path, each bar has its own personality. Texas really is a paradise for those looking for an authentic dive bar experience.

We explored the history and vibe of these beloved places. We learned about their pasts and the people who visit them. From decades-old spots to the newest ones, each dive bar had a different atmosphere.

Plus, we discovered some cool hidden details. The Broken Spoke in Austin is not just a dance hall, but also a major part of history. It hosted Willie Nelson and George Strait! The Rail Club Live in Fort Worth stands out because of its live music, featuring up-and-coming artists in a calm setting.

As they say, “Everything is bigger in Texas.” This is true for dive bars too! With more than 30 options in this article, Texas is a must-go destination for a real taste of Texan nightlife.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: What are the  best dive bars in Texas?

While tastes and preferences may vary, some popular dive bars in Texas worth checking out include The Broken Spoke in Austin, La Carafe in Houston, The Goat in Dallas, The White Horse in San Antonio, Ginny’s Little Longhorn Saloon in Austin, and The Continental Club in Austin, among others.

FAQ 2: Are these dive bars suitable for all ages?

No, most dive bars in Texas are strictly for patrons who are 21 years or older. Due to their relaxed atmosphere, live music, and availability of alcoholic beverages, they are generally not family-friendly establishments.

FAQ 3: Can I find food at these dive bars?

While some dive bars may offer limited snack options, it is recommended to eat before visiting or make plans for a meal elsewhere. Dive bars primarily focus on serving drinks and providing a casual, laid-back ambiance rather than offering extensive food menus.

FAQ 4: Do these dive bars have live music?

Yes, many of the dive bars featured on the list are known for their live music performances. It’s one of the defining features of a dive bar experience in Texas, where you can enjoy local bands and talented musicians showcasing their talent in an intimate setting.

FAQ 5: Are these dive bars cash-only?

While some dive bars may prefer cash payments, many also accept credit or debit cards for transactions. It’s always wise to carry some cash with you, especially if you plan to visit smaller or older dive bars that may have limited card payment options.

FAQ 6: Can I expect a dress code at these dive bars?

Most dive bars in Texas have a casual dress code, allowing patrons to dress comfortably. You won’t typically encounter strict dress requirements or formal attire expectations. However, it’s best to avoid wearing overly formal or fancy clothes, as the atmosphere is often relaxed and laid-back.



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