Jack’s Bar and Lounge – San Jose, CA

Since the 1950s, Jack’s Bar & Lounge, located on the edge of San Jose’s Japantown, has attracted an eclectic group of dive bar enthusiasts, including college students from nearby San Jose State and Santa Clara University, downtown professionals like attorneys and architects and even a few escapees from Silicon Valley.

As a result, the conversations are exciting and usually spirited, especially during Jack’s well-known happy hours (3-6 pm weekdays) and on their backyard patio after dark. When the drink prices drop for three hours Monday through Friday, the place is packed shoulder to shoulder, but it doesn’t seem to affect the great vibe this place has, thanks to their fun and smart bartenders.

Jack is in it to win it when it comes to making people happy and well-oiled and that’s why they’re open 365 days of the year. If your in-laws are in town for Christmas Day, for example, Jack’s is the perfect sanctuary when Aunt Irene brings out her 3-bean salad or Uncle Bill wants to talk politics.

Always utilized unless it rains, the backyard patio at Jack’s rocks regularly. Featuring games such as beer pong, corn holing, giant Jenga, trivia contests and even a little karaoke now and then.

And speaking of games, if you’re a sports fan and want to see an event, the people at Jack’s are more than happy to oblige. On the weekends during football season, they show a full slate of games on five HD flat-screen TVs and feature pub food and drink specials. They also offer special prices during major events like the Super Bowl, World Cup, World Series or Olympics, for instance.

Every once in a while, a Silicon Valley legend will drop in and allegedly, the late Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and even Yahoo’s Founder Jerry Yang have been spotted there. So, if you get a little liquid courage while you’re there, why not pitch the next Uber or Apple? You never know because business tycoons and high-tech visionaries like dive bars too!

Like many other notorious dive bars, Jack’s is a different place during the daytime vs. at night. When the sun is out, the regulars occupy many of the bar’s stools. But, in the evenings, all of the real revelers flock to Jack’s.

Either way, you will encounter patrons who share the same attitude at Jack’s—friendly, laid back and easy-going. Remember where all the cool kids in school hung out while the others spent most of their time trying to find it? That’s Jack’s on weeknights and especially on the weekends when people are willing to let go.

As far as a pickup place, Jack’s assumes that role when the ladies come out in force, also mostly on the weekends. The average age of the partiers at this dive bar range between 21-45, but there is also a fair amount of 50-plus folks who aren’t afraid to let their hair down (if there’s still any left!)

The popular libations at Jack’s are craft beers, old classic cocktails (Manhattans, Old Fashions and Whiskey Sours) and shots, shots and more shots.

If you’re in Silicon Valley, drop in at Jack’s Bar & Lounge and unwind with a fun crowd. Maybe you’ll even meet the next Wozniak or even Mark Zuckerberg himself to steal your one of brilliant ideas!

Jacks Bar and Lounge – San Jose, CA
Be Sure to Try:  Beers on their great outdoor patio


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