Ships Lounge – Dallas

If you’re expecting Ships Lounge in Dallas, Texas to have a nautical theme…it does! Just look for the anchor on the door and the big neon sign above an old-school awning that says SHIPS.

It’s across from Goodwill, so you know it’s a classy joint.

Ships looks like the kind of place that would have been the spot to hang out when it first opened back in 1947. Now, it’s outdated and divey. You’ll find people of every generation hanging out on the high-back barstools (No falling out of your seat after having one too many here!) or playing pool in the back.

In the Dive Bar Tourist’s opinion, every great dive has a vintage jukebox, Bud Light on tap, and enough sparkly lights to make you feel like you’re in a Lumineers music video. That last one might not be true, but, hey, Ships has got it all!

DBT had the opportunity to visit Ships Lounge post-remodel. Legend has it that not so long ago, this place was even divier. It was known for being cash-only and BYOB if you wanted to drink hard liquor. These days, the place has a quieter, classier upstairs lounge, serves hard alcohol, and accepts debit and credit.

If you still want that classic dive bar feel, just stay downstairs! You’ll find the same locals who have been coming to Ships foreverseated at the bar, sharing war stories (literally), singing along to old tunes, or just unwinding in their favorite spot.

Want a more hipster vibe? You’re on the wrong website, but you’d probably be happy hanging out on the second floor of Ships Lounge.

Before you start thinking of this place as “the bar formerly known as a dive” rest assured it’s still got all the important elements, like strong pours at great prices. There’s parking out front, which is always a plus, and if you pay attention to the schedule you might just be able to snag some of Ships Lounge’s famous chili dogs.

Up for a game of pool? Squeeze in a few games—literally—at Ships! Everyone packs into the place like sardines (That was a fishing reference. Because it has a nautical theme. You’re welcome.), but the tight fit is well worth it.

Whether you stumble in off the street or go there all the time, you’ll find the staff and patrons friendly, welcoming, and ready to talk your ear off.

If you’re stopping by around a holiday, keep a lookout on Facebook for the date and time of one of Ships Lounge’s legendary events, like their Halloween costume contest that could get you $50 in free drinks.

Open every day until midnight, Ships is a great spot for day drinking and nightcaps—and you’ll still get home in time for a good night’s sleep.

Location: Dallas, Texas

Be sure to try: $2 Lone Stars on Sundays (You’re in Texas, after all!)


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