Robbie’s Wildlife Refuge – Jeffersonville, VT

If you ever find yourself in Jeffersonville, Vermont you’re either a hunter, a camping enthusiast or your car broke down. Think about films like Deliveranceand Deer Hunterwith a little Road Housethrown in. You won’t likely find a kid playing a banjo on a bridge or a bouncer who looks like Patrick Swayze, but you will always have a good time at Robbie’s Wildlife Refuge. And if your name is Ned Beatty, get the heck out of there now!

Thanks to one of our fellow dive bar enthusiasts, Manuel who found this gem while staying at a hotel next door, during a ski trip.   He messaged us about Robbie’s, which he described as a great place for “cold beer and taxidermy”.   He got this great photo of the snow drifts piled all the way to the windows druing his visit.

Located off of VT Route 15, look for the sign that has a moose drinking a draft beer on it. On an average day, you will find an eclectic mixture of local characters, hangers-on, wannabes and people just coming through town at Robbie’s. It’s a sanctuary for endangered species and people in the witness protection program, but the conversation is always spirited and entertaining.

On the weekends, you will encounter herds of beer drinkers; gaggles of wine sippers and flocks of shot gurglers. If you collect fun stories and want to meet people who haven’t left the woods in decades, Robbie’s is the place for you.

If you’re not just into witty repertoire and downing copious amounts of alcohol, there are a lot of interesting things to do at Robbie’s. They throw fun parties for sports events like the Kentucky Derby, Super Bowl and gopher chasing, and feature “beach” volleyball, pool (three tables), pinball and horseshoes. Warning: Unless your Willie Mosconi or Kerri Walsh, don’t wager at pool or volleyball, respectively. It’s a cool and laid-back environment that will last until you fleece a local who thought he was the next Pinball Wizard.

At some bars, the locals don’t always embrace tourists, but at Robbie’s all are welcome. Try some of their craft beers on tap and enjoy their drink specials served seven days a week. The bartenders are outgoing and like meeting new people who they haven’t seen a thousand times already. With only 800 people in Jeffersonville there are only a few basic rules—don’t use the pay phone while someone else is pulling cash out of the ATM, don’t drive drunk.   Simple, right?

Other things you need to know about Robbie’s Wildlife Refuge include the fact that they serve food during the summer, primarily cheeseburgers, sandwiches and assorted snacks. They will occasionally also offer karaoke nights on select evenings to sign songs such as Moonlight in Vermont(Frank Sinatra) or I’m from Vermont(Jonathan Mann). In addition, they have five televisions at Robbie’s, so if you’re tired of deer hunting and bass fishing shows, ask for your favorite sport and they will be more than happy to put it on.

Robbie’s Wildlife Refuge is a local favorite hangout and after spending a few hours there, you will know why. This place has a lot going on and the people are fun and friendly, plus the drink prices are cheap. So, stop by Robbie’s if you’re in that neck of the woods and take refuge from the rest of the world.

Robbie’s Wildlife Refuge – Jeffersonville, VT

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