Manny Brown’s – Philadelphia (permanently closed)

Looking for a family-friendly dive bar? This is probably the closest you’ll get! Located on South Street in Philly, Manny’s allows kids until 9:00pm—a big plus for The Dive Bar Tourist, during parent duty!

On nice days, the windows stay open, so if you like people-watching, this is the spot for you! You might even get to see some dirt bikers and quad riders roaring past and popping wheelies.

The Dive Bar Tourist has been here a few times and is a particular fan of the Friday bartender, Carlie, who can pour out a beer tower like nobody’s business. That’s right: Manny’s has beer towers!

You can count on Lisa and Aubrey for a good, strong pour, and awesome service too!

Manny’s is one of those dive bars with surprisingly good food, prepared by two awesome dudes named Timo and Hector. They’ll pop out of the kitchen when there’s live music to move tables and set up the stage (It’s a dive; there is no stage, but just go with it). Local artists and open mic nights make for the kind of fun (and free) entertainment that can turn a plain old dive bar into a hoppin’ old dive bar.

Manny’s specials cannot be beat. Happy hour is 5-7, and they always have a huge selection of beer, both bottled and draft. Whether the special occasion is Mardi Gras, Taco Tuesday, live music, or a Flyers game, you can expect Manny’s to be celebrating by offering drinks and food at awesome prices.

Find the locals hanging out during Friday happy hour, and show up again later during the weekend for an epic story to tell your friends. (Like the music on Friday happy hours?  Look for “Vinnie” at the bar, who loves to control the vibe.  He’s the best cell phone DJ around, and may even take a request!)  Does The Dive Bar Tourist have a great story about Manny’s? Of course!

Above the bar are apartments, many of which are rented out to college kids. The Dive Bar Tourist had the privilege of being there one Sunday afternoon to watch a football game when a group of them, already hungover, trudged downstairs in their robes and underwear to buy some more booze. However, they wound up hanging out at the bar instead—in their robes and underwear—because that’s the power of Manny’s!

You don’t just pop into this dive for a second. You stay, you talk, and you never want to leave. “Hotel California” ain’t got nothin’ on Manny Brown’s.

The interior of this decades-old bar looks just like a dive should, with dim lighting, crowded walls, and a conversation piece. In Manny’s case, this would be the dollar bills covering almost every spare inch of the ceiling beams. It’s tradition in some bars to leave a dollar bill with your name on it, akin to signing a guest book. This tradition dates back more than a hundred years, when sailors and miners needed a safe place to keep their drinking money, and it lives on at Manny’s.

In every dive bar, you can expect spotless bathrooms with an ideal layout.

Just kidding! There is one men’s and one women’s restroom, and while DBT can’t speak for the ladies’ room, the men’s room is so cramped you might just find yourself rubbing asses with whoever’s at the urinal on your way to the stall.

You’ll make friends realquick at Manny’s!

Whenever DBT is in Philly, Manny Brown’s has to make the list of things to see and do. If you love dive bars like we do, we know you’ll love this place, too!

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Be sure to try: $1.50 tacos on Taco Tuesdays


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