Hang Loose Lounge – Kahului, Maui, Hawaii

Cheap is hard to find in Hawaii, but a Dive Bar Tourist fan, Greg, clued us into a great little dive bar in Maui. The Hang Loose Lounge is just 1.1 miles away from the airport, so it’s a great stop for tourists and a favorite hangout for locals.

From the outside, the place isn’t much to look at. If it wasn’t for the big sign, it could be a real estate office or some other boring place you might easily bypass in favor of Maui’s more appealing attractions. However, once you get inside you’ll find a clean, bare-bones interior with bar and table seating. It’s big enough that you can bring your friends, but it’s small enough that someone isgoing to overhear your conversation and contribute.

There are a couple of TVs for when the game is on, and thankfully The Hang Loose Lounge has air conditioning—but those are the only amenities you’ll get! The rest of the bar’s appeal consists of, well, the bar.You’ll find the usual domestic beers and imports, as well as basic spirits. They don’t even have a blender, so save the daiquiri and pina colada orders for some fancy schmancy tourist trap.

Greg used to go here for the $2 Miller High Life, but unfortunately those cheap-as-dirt libations are a thing of the past. Still, this fan favorite boasts some of the cheapest beers around, as well as some of the most eclectic locals you’ll find. He particularly enjoyed talking to a big guy with a traditional tap face tattoo and a fascinating history—but that simply isn’t our story to tell. Suffice it to say this guy is “one badass MoFo.”

The building has been a bar since 1981, making it one of the oldest bars in Maui. Before it was The Hang Loose Lounge, it was Missy Rose, Uncle Waldo’s Hang Loose Lounge, Sean’s Hang Loose Lounge, and now McGrath’s Hang Loose Lounge.

It’s no wonder most people know it as just “The Hang Loose Lounge.”

f you’re looking for something to soak up the cheap alcohol, the barkeep can usually scrounge up jerky, oyster shooters, or chips. Once in a while, a regular (like our contributor!) might bring in some food to share. Greg is well-remembered for his addition to the bar’s 2015 St. Patrick’s Day celebration, during which he provided corned beef and cabbage all the way from New York!

Happy Hour at The Hang Loose Lounge is from 11am-6pm Yes, you read that right; this bar’s happy hour is actually SEVEN hours because…cheehoo!

Come for the local flavor, stay for the $4 Jack Daniel’s specials.

The Hang Loose Lounge is a basic dive bar with no frills. It’s great first or last stop on your trip to Hawaii and the best cell phone lot bar near the airport. Stop in, and who knows? You might just decide to make Maui your home, like Brad McGrath of The Hang Loose Lounge did ten years ago.

Location: Kahului, Maui, Hawaii

Be sure to try: $4 Jack Fires during happy hour


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